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An Entrepreneur's Bookshelf

iFund Lending is not just a lending company... We thrive on helping Entrepreneurs! Why? Well, we are entrepreneurs ourselves. In this section we will select a book or magazine that we feel every entrepreneur should read. Some of these are straight off of our CEO, Gord Bylo's bookshelf. Enjoy!

Exempt Edge Magazine 

(March 19th, 2014) 

Exempt Edge Magazine by NEMA

The Exempt Edge Magazine is a publication provided by a Canadian association known as the National Exempt Market Association (NEMA). The Exempt Edge is full of useful articles writen by various professionals in the financial industry. With NEMA's newest release; the 8th issue of the Exempt Edge, comes a very exciting addition! On page 30 and 31, you'll find an article writen by iFund Lending's CEO, Gord Bylo. Check it out!

Page 30 from the 8th Issue of the Exempt Edge Magazine. Written by Gord ByloPage 31 from the 8th Issue of the Exempt Edge Magazine. Written by Gord Bylo

Click Here to view Gord Bylo's article "Here's to the long game!"

Click Here to view and download the FULL 8th issue of the Exempt Edge

Poke the Box: Open your mind

Book Cover: Poke The Box by Seth Godin

I am always on the lookout for a quick read that is not the normal boring how to business book.  You know the ones that assume every business is IBM or wants to become one. Seth Godin’s latest work woke me up to a number of new thoughts and is only 80 pages. Comments like “When in doubt, look for the fear.  That’s almost always the source of your doubt”. Or “There is no just in Just Do It”.  One of my favourites is “We can all un-brainwash ourselves while there’s still time”.

Mr. Godin reminds me why I start things. Why I can’t accept the unacceptable. Why some of my most successful business ventures have been discounted by my peers at formation.  He reminds me that it’s awesome to say I am an instigator and a change agent. Don’t let others discount your passion.  The forces will attempt to pigeon hole you and smother your creativity. So when you have a moment read Poke the Box now!  As Seth says, “Go Go Go, You can’t lose. Go”. 

- Gord Bylo

Click Here to go view 'Poke The Box' on