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Christmas is fast approaching and while most of us are caught in the hustle and bustle of preparing hot meals and wrapping gifts, some families are still trying to make ends meet. This holiday season should always be as special, if not more than the last and the folks at the Surrey Christmas Bureau strive every year to make this time a year equally as special for those less fortunate than us.

iFund Lending is a proud sponsor of Team Fun First and Foremost on their Ride to Conquer Cancer. This event was comprised of over 3,000 riders completing a 245KM peddle through the Pacific Northwest. Collectively this event raised over $11 million towards cancer research. Team Fun First and Foremost was able to raised $15,000 between the team of six and finished in the top 10%. We are so proud to be associated with such a great cause and look forward to supporting next year’s ride! Smile and have fun, it’s a beautiful day.

In the previous article I showed you a case where social media was a suitable instrument in marketing for a B2C (business to consumer) type of business. Now let’s say you are in the business of supplying products to another business (business to business) and you have a wide array of clients to touch base with. Using social media would not be a very viable option for a few reasons:

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just taking on your first startup venture, marketing for your small business can be the difference between profitability and premature closure. Everyday consumers are bombarded by hundreds, if not thousands of messages and unfortunately falling between the cracks is something most cannot avoid. The marketing landscape has changed drastically within the last ten years as advertisers rely more and more on digital platforms like social media and viral marketing.

With a staff of only one or a few members, you’re sure to wear multiple hats when starting up your company. Understandably, you’ll need to complete tasks in which you have no training or expertise. But it’s impossible (and expensive!) to farm out every item on your to-do list to a specialist.

A great thing about being a business owner is the satisfaction in knowing that you’re contributing to the economy by offering products and services that the public seems to desire. There is no greater feeling than meeting the needs of a customer and having them refer your services to their colleagues and spreading your greatness like wildfire. Wouldn’t that be great if you were able to see a consistent flow of business come though based just on referrals? I think so too, but realistically your business might need a little extra push to see an increase in traffic.

In recent years the number of daily deal websites has grown rapidly and shows little signs of slowing down. Daily deal websites offers a creative yet effective ways of marketing business, each under its own framework. Some websites may take a bigger cut than others but the output is generally the same. Your product gets advertised among other daily deals, customers can purchase it online and redeem their discount at your business.

Here are some tips on starting out with daily deal websites:

In the last post I talked about setting up a Google Adwords campaign to test your marketing messages in a major advertising arena without a huge outlay of cash. Adwords also gives you the added benefit of immediate and valuable metrics and using these metrics to your advantage is key to CPC success. Like any marketing campaign, only time can tell whether or not your efforts are as effective as they should be. Fortunately, with Google Adwords you are able to track in real time how your campaign is doing.

As an Entrepreneur, I’m sure you often feel the pressure to “get it right” the first time round. Especially when it comes to marketing to your target customer, after all that’s how you start getting a return on your investment! The reality though is that it usually takes a couple tries before you find the right message that is going to speak to your intended audience and capture the leads you need to convert to sales.

Etuve Food is a local food producer and supplier in Vancouver BC, founded in 2002 by executive chef Benjamin Cote. Etuve is proud to offer a range of unique, top-quality products which are produced using innovative cooking technology and techniques. We specialize in sous vide cooking, and our mission is to help people eat better.