"Financing is often one of the most challenging and frequent concerns faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners."

- The Business

"Small businesses are, in fact, the backbone of the Canadian economy, accounting for 98% of all businesses in Canada"


"What is your biggest challenge in running a small business? Cash flow - 51% response"


"In 2010, 2.7 million Canadians were self-employed."

- Industry

"Entrepreneurs create new jobs & innovations that fuel the worlds economy"

- Entrepreneurs Organization
of Amsterdam

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We recognize your business is different. That’s why iFund Lending’s customized loans are too.

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iFund has created a new income opportunity offering consistent returns paid out on quarterly basis.  Our 8% yearly fixed income bond offers steady returns.

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iFund Lending is an asset-backed lender, providing mortgages, asset-backed loans and leases to entrepreneurially-focused borrowers who meet our lending criteria. We are non-conventional lenders, dealing with borrowers who cannot access conventional financing through traditional sources such as banks, credit unions, trust companies etc.

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